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Focused on maintaining the value of your building

Professional Painting Services – we offer technical advice to determine your best options. We will respond to your request quickly, and if needed we are happy to offer technical advice to determine the best options to meet your requirements. No job is too big or too small. 

Photoluminescent Services

Industrial Facilities
Interior & Exterior:

Industrial facilities are known to get a lot of wear and tear both inside and out. We have the resources to create beautiful floor coatings that are durable and easy to clean, as well as specialty coatings for metal, stucco and drywall. Preferred Painting Services – interior and exterior painting for commercial facilities.

High Rises

High Rises are the focal point of most cities and financial districts. They are consistently recognized as the most scenic views around the world. Let us help you maintain or improve your facility with our skills in; exterior masonry coatings, metal coatings, wood coatings, elevator coatings, freight elevator repairs, loading dock coatings, and many more!

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Interior & Exterior
Parking Structures:

Parking Structures are often overlooked areas of many facilities. We offer various services to spruce them up such as; parking lot striping, numbering, handicap labeling, masonry coatings, and concrete staining. Interior and Exterior Painting for commercial facilities.


Offices are our most common projects. We can ensure you are in the care of experienced professionals who are respectful of employees and their belongings. Many of our projects have consisted of; painting common areas, tenant repaints and repairs, drywall repairs, doors and frames, window frames, dry erase board coatings and chalk board coatings. Preferred Painting Services – interior and exterior painting for commercial facilities.

Retail Buildings:

Retail buildings are high traffic areas and can require a facelift now and again to refresh the facilities appearance. We offer several products and colors that will do wonders for your retail building. We understand how busy these areas can be, and will work closely with you and the tenants to achieve the least amount of disruption possible. Preferred Painting for interior and exterior painting of retail facilities.

FRP & Diamond Plating:

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is a highly durable material typically used for harsh, corrosive environments to help protect drywall and reduce repair costs in the long run. Diamond Plating is a versatile metal with raised diamonds or lines to increase traction on various floor surfaces such as stairs and ramps typically seen in industrial settings. It can also be installed for kick plating on high traffic doorways as well as used in areas where sanitizing is frequently needed, it's easy to wash down and is able to withstand corrosive cleaning agents. Preferred Painting for interior and exterior painting.

Reflective Roof Coverings:

Roof coatings boast a variety of benefits including heat reduction, waterproofing abilities, and prolonging the life of existing roofs. Although, many might think roof painting can be overlooked, you would be surprised at what a huge difference it can make to the overall appearance of the facility. Preferred Painting – Interior and Exterior Painting for Commercial Facilities.

Electrostatic Finishes:

Electrostatic painting uses a magnetic field to apply paint to metals by giving the object to be painted a negative charge while the paint being applied will emit a positive charge causing a strong adhesion. This method of painting is a premium option to a DTM coating, it's durable, and leaves a smooth finish. Preferred Painting Services – interior and exterior painting for commercial facilities.

Electrostatic Finishes Gallery


Sandblasting is a process in which steam from compressed air accelerate abrasives through a leakage or blasting nozzle. We use this method to clean debris and rust on surfaces to be coated. This process is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Preferred Painting – Interior and Exterior Painting for Commercial Facilities.


Wallcoverings have been around for centuries and are still used today in many medical facilities and high rises. They can add a beautiful touch to any room or elevator lobby, and they are maintenance friendly due to their ability to easily be wiped clean when scuffed, as well as their ability to hide blemishes in patterns and colors. We offer both wallcovering installation and/or removal. Preferred Painting – Interior and Exterior Painting for Commercial Facilities.


Stucco/ Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems(EIFS) require a special skill when repairing cracks or updating paint color in order to match the existing texture as well as apply coatings appropriately. Several industrial facilities we've worked on have this finish and we have a great team of knowledgeable staff to answer your questions and get the job done properly. Preferred Painting – Interior and Exterior Painting for Commercial Facilities.

Sports Facilities:

From professional sports facilities to private sports facilities we understand the importance of upkeep. Sports facilities typically are the stage of our favorite sports which are usually televised, and/or attended by thousands of sports fans. Here in Colorado we love our sports and Preferred Painting takes pride in brightening up sports facilities throughout the area. We have done custom logos by hand, and matched specific colors to bring the owner’s visions to life. Preferred Painting Services – painting for commercial facilities.

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