Interior and Exterior Painting for professionally managed commercial facilities

Save hours of time, money and hassle

Commercial interior and exterior painting, Preferred Painting is a company that responds quickly to your needs. A high-quality, expert paint job can literally save the exterior of your building. We work in a manner that will not inconvenience your tenants, and that will save you hours of time, money and hassle.

We guarantee excellent work

With 30 years of experience painting commercial interiors and exteriors, Preferred Painting, Inc. has built a reputation on unparalleled service. We'll work nights and weekends in order to preserve your relationship with your tenants. We use environmentally-friendly products that conserve the planet and your pocketbook. We guarantee our work using experienced, skilled painters and high-grade paints.

30 Years Experience

From water damage to upkeep, we'll get the job done quickly and efficiently. Commercial interior and exterior painting.


What Our Clients Say:

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Where to find us:

Preferred Painting: 1980 South Quebec Street, Denver, CO 80231
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